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Profesor particular de inglés en Getafe (Madrid)

Profesor particular de inglés en Getafe (Madrid), Anthony

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Nombre de usuario: Anthony

Género: Femenino

Edad: 29

Último login: 27/09/2016

clases en Getafe (Madrid)

Clases de apoyo de inglés


Primaria: 18 €/hora

Universidad: 18 €/hora

Principiante: 18 €/hora

Intermedio: 18 €/hora

Avanzado: 18 €/hora

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Año de finalización Titulación Nombre del centro
2016 TEFL International Tefl

Datos docentes

Descripción personal

Hello, my name is Anthony Bryant. I am a native English speaker from California, recently moved to Madrid to begin my life as an English teacher. I passed my TEFL course with 93% and volunteered at the largest food bank, who also offered educational services, to practice my capabilities at teaching English. Back home, I could be found playing music or spending my time with my nieces and nephews. Here, I spend time reading, studying Spanish, or finding new and different things to learn.

Experiencia docente

Through art, music, and language I have taught many students. In California, I taught as a volunteer teacher to refugees, students, and immigrants through a non profit organization. They had many different needs including educational, business, and functional English. Overall, I have been teaching for the last four years.

Enfoque Pedagógico

My first approach is to assess the students abilities, this way I can plan a direction and discuss it with the student so they know whats ahead. I want the students to be comfortable so they don't feel intimidated by how much work it takes to learn or better themselves in English. I use many different methods to help students reach their goals. I try to keep the classes interesting for the student so that way they are excited every week for the class.

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