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Profesor particular de inglés en Bilbao (Vizcaya-Bizkaia)

Imagen de Profesor particular de inglés en Bilbao (Vizcaya-Bizkaia), Armand_14719

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Nombre de usuario: Armand_14719

Género: Masculino

Edad: 55

Último login: 19/10/2013

clases en Begoña, Bilbao (Vizcaya-Bizkaia)

Clases de refuerzo de inglés


ESO: 12 €/hora

Universidad: 15 €/hora

Intermedio: 15 €/hora

Avanzado: 17 €/hora

Business: 20 €/hora

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Año de finalización Titulación Nombre del centro
1989 Diploma TESOL

Datos docentes

Descripción personal

I am a friendly and motivating type. My students, clients always seem to be pleased with their annual progress, as I am au fait with the IT world my students benefit from my knowledge of the TEFL sources on-line which I draw on as a source for the sessions

Experiencia docente

I have been teaching English to middle and senior management in Bizkaia since 1989. Sectors: Medical: Geriatric, Cardiovascular, Trauma, Primary Care, Neuro... Engineering: Petrochemical, Industrial, Telecomunications, Electrical, I.T. Civil, Marine,Public works... Legal: Bar School Bilbao(Masters practica jurídica) I would prefer not to go into greater detail regarding names etc, as I would prefer to respect the privacy present and past clients. I work as a freelance teacher and for academies

Enfoque Pedagógico

As I live and work in Spain, my main objective is to get my students to "speak", something greatly missing in all strata of this society. Enfoque pedagógico:Depending on the student´s needs. If needed I can coach you on how to speak in public, give presentations, Speeches, Talks, etc.

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