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Profesor particular de inglés en Sant Martí Barcelona

Profesor particular de inglés en Sant Martí Barcelona, Ola

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Nombre de usuario: Ola

Género: Femenino

Edad: 26

Último login: 29/01/2018

clases en Sant Martí, Barcelona capital

Clases particulares de inglés


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Año de finalización Titulación Nombre del centro
2014 English Philology University of Tirana
2015 English Translation and Interpreting University of Tirana

Datos docentes

Descripción personal

I am graduated in English Philology (Bachelor) and English Translation and Interpreting (Master's Degree). I have the IELTS Certificate. I try to help and motivate my students, to make them feel comfortable during the classes by being positive. I always try to improve the skills of my students in speaking, listening and I pay so much attention to the grammar and team work, specially speaking, because it is very important and essential for a good conversation in english.

Experiencia docente

I have been working for almost five yearsand I have worked as an english teacher with children (4-11), teenagers and students for almost 4 years. I have also taught english online on Skype for a Japan Company. I worked as a translator and journalist in an english newspaper in my country, I used to interview mostly ambassadors. My importan experience was in a high school for almost 3 years but right now I am more focused on individual classes at students' home or online.

Enfoque Pedagógico

I use different ways to teach english, adapting it to the type of children or students, in order to wake up their creativity. I try to make them speak more, so they can handle a simple conversation. If you want to take your english to the next level, contact me. I would be happy to help you.

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