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Profesor particular de inglés en Barcelona

Imagen de Profesor particular de inglés en Barcelona, Ellen_18130

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Nombre de usuario: Ellen_18130

Género: Masculino

Edad: 28

Último login: 08/01/2013

clases en Horta, Barcelona capital

Clases particulares de inglés


Primaria: 15 €/hora

Principiante: 15 €/hora

Intermedio: 15 €/hora

Avanzado: 15 €/hora

FCE: 15 €/hora

CAE: 15 €/hora

Business: 20 €/hora

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Año de finalización Titulación Nombre del centro
2011 BA Drama and Theatre Studies Liverpool Hope

Datos docentes

Descripción personal

BA in Drama and Theatre studies. I consider myself to be outgoing and give constructive points in all aspects of life, I am committed to to helping others and making everyone feel at ease.

Experiencia docente

I have two years experience at teaching English, before that I taught Drama to children. I have taught all ages from 18 months to 60, I have a wide range of knowledge concerning each student and what they wish to learn or specialise in for their learning of English.

Enfoque Pedagógico

My degree is in Drama and Theatre studies, I believe I can bring a fun and fresh approach to teaching English of any level. I worked for Berlitz International teaching young learners to advanced adults in business, whilst working with Berlitz I also helped prep for the Cambridge Exams. I am also trained in using The Callan Method.

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