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Profesor particular de español para extranjeros en La Mata Torrevieja (Alicante)

Profesor particular de español para extranjeros en La Mata Torrevieja (Alicante), Belen

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Nombre de usuario: Belen

Género: Femenino

Edad: 47

Último login: 26/07/2019

clases en La Mata, Torrevieja (Alicante-Alacant)

Teléfono: 634583989

Correo electrónico:

Clases de apoyo de español para extranjeros

Español para extranjeros

Principiante: 20 €/hora

Intermedio: 20 €/hora

Avanzado: 20 €/hora

Exámenes oficiales: 20 €/hora

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Año de finalización Titulación Nombre del centro
2008 Master Oficial en Artes Escénicas Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Datos docentes

Descripción personal

I can teach very early in the morning! At 7 or before! 47 years old teacher. I was born in Madrid and I lived almost all my life in there. I've been many years teaching. 100% pased Instituto Cervantes exams, and EOI, so I have experience preparing for them properly. All levels. I speak english (C1), some russian (A2) and italian.

Experiencia docente

I've a degree in humanities, and a master degree in performing arts. I have been teaching other topics; but in England I had to teach spanish as well, as part of my job; so I loved it and prepared for it. Now, I live in the mediterranean coast, and in the last years I have been teaching all levels of spanish language, the lowers in english, at the begining, and all in spanish from A2/B1 levels and ahead. 100% of the students that made any exam(I.C. or EOI),have passed them.

Enfoque Pedagógico

I usually spend a little time explainig some new structure or issue (depending of the level), and the rest of the class we talk, practice, till be sure you integrate the information and conect it with the old one you had. Depends of the level, but I usually adaptate the class dinamic to the caracteristics of the students and their goals. It is not the same, just learn to talk, than teach as well to prepare and exam. So, we have to chat and find what you want and need.

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